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Saleh press conference link

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you can watch live here @ 2pm       

"Coach, just to follow up on that other question about Deshaun Watson, what do you think about Deshaun Watson?" SAR I

What I thought was funny is that most of what he said about Darnold in the positive, it all wasn't true. "Unbelievable arm talent" - Yeah, no.  He has an adequate NFL arm. "He's fearless in

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They brought out the Ulbrich announcement right before the presser. This continues with the trend of a younger staff. 

Glad to hear Saleh won't be calling D plays. Even happier to hear about a clear structure, Saleh reporting to Douglas. Things are being done right for a change.

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1 minute ago, Creepy Lurker said:

He thought Keto was Cheetoh and has permanently stained fingers now from eating 10 bags a day. 

He needs to be careful. With the stress of his job he needs to take better care

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3 minutes ago, Charlie Brown said:



I really like this guy.  He has a real plan not just platitudes, and he is not calling plays!



I do as well. Simply put, the reciprocation of investment in one-another  just aligns with my personal philosophy on leadership and work. I love that, regardless of how successful he ends up being - what he said there is 100% poignant.

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2 minutes ago, CanadienJetsFan said:

First an organizational change, now we will have a head coach that won’t be  calling any plays?

Folks, I cannot emphasize how important all of this is to the long-term success of this franchise.


I am officially stoked

He may not win but at least he has a plan and we are doing things as an organization the RIGHT WAY!!!

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