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All Gas No Brake Shirts

Lot K Tailgaters

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1 hour ago, TeddEY said:

We’re all just going to pretend it’s not an extremely cringeworthy slogan because we like the coach?

No. We are going to pretend it's not an extremely cringeworthy slogan until he loses his first game.

Geez, why must you rush things.

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9 hours ago, Wonderboy said:

I seriously doubt that @joewilly12     

@Spoot-Face  Free fries with purchase of Ronald McD t-shirt.  Get one for JW12 on your next visit. 


Nothing you post could be serious, ridiculous is more like it. 

You work at McDonalds. 

Are you offering @Spoot-Face free fries from your crotch. 

Thats pretty gross. 

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