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Darksiders feeling twinges of optimism?

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17 hours ago, Beerfish said:

Level of optimism will be set the day after the draft.

We will have gone through FA

We will have gone through the draft

We will know who the Qb is going to be

Meh, I can feel some optimism based only on the moves to-date.  Firing Gase, huge good.  Hiring Saleh, I see that as a good move (as do most NFL Observers).  Changing the reporting structure, something I've long hoped they'd do.

Just that is cause for optimism in my book.

Future moves will either expand that optimism, or will infringe upon it, depending.

But no harm going "ok, so far, so good".  :)

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I didn’t want it to :(

... but the reinforced steel plated door to my heart has cracked open

Like a dirty cheating whore of a girlfriend ... this team flashes it’s t!ts , strips down to its g-string & garter belt ... and prepares to stomp me into little pieces again :( :( :(

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