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Is Zach Wilson the Key to the Jets Future?

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Can you explain "giving away the farm" , not in terms of past trades (Rams moving up for Goff for example) but in the context of this exact situation.   Here are the specific caveats to this situation

My head hurts from all the quarterbacks I am supposed to love. SAR I

Agreed.   People make it seem like the Jets would be left with a handful of 5th and 6th round picks if they trade for Deshaun. There is still more than enough ammunition to draft impact players and mo

2 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Acquiring the best QB to don green & white since Namath would be "Jetsy"?  Interesting.  I think that would be anti-Jetsy.  Even if they gave up more picks than you like to get him.  

Well, I'm listening to most of the arguments for Watson, and like I said, I'd be on board as long as lol...

I hope JD can get him with the same "witchery" he got Seattle to be so stupid... Maybe that can work on Houston, however now that the Pat's guy is the GM, I'm not sure that's going to happen. Which is why I'm not sure this gets done in the first place.

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I'm still on the "Justin Fields" train.

Haven't seen any QB bust of late that fit his profile (mobile, athletic QB that can beat you with his feet). DeSean, Lamar, J. Allen, Kyler..... The list keeps growing. It's time for the Jets (and its fans) to jump on board and acknowledge that times are changing

Fields at a #2. It's the safest pick. He's playing the QB position to where the NFL is going.



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2 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Ozzie Newsome was never presented the option of a young, elite franchise QB being available via trade.

There is no playbook for this.  

Quote of the year. 

I'm seeing this ridiculous post about our team not ready to trade for Watson. Other post about compensation being too high etc. 

People do not understand - Potential HOF QB's do not become available in the NFL. This has never happened before. 

We happen to have the EXACT draft pick needed to secure him AND he is okay coming here. You close this deal and figure the rest out later. Trevor Lawrence is a generational talent? Well this is a once in history opportunity and we happen to be in the drivers seat for it. 

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2 hours ago, GQMartin said:

I see absolutely zero toughness when I look at this kid. 


He might not look the part, but if you've seen him play you'd almost get scared with some of the ways he puts his body on the line for the play. He plays gritty and tough period.

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