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One man who is solely 100% focused on coaching the QB.  An experienced guy in Knapp who has been doing this successfully for over a decade.  A guy who has seen it all, has helped numerous QBs fix their problems and accentuate their strengths.  This is what Sam Darnold needs.

What did Sam have previously, an offensive Head Coach responsible for the entire team who also wanted to call plays, was responsible for overall game management like timeouts, etc..... and, oh, also spent some time with Sam Darnold or had his troll OC doing it.

Not only won't the Head Coach be the most impactful person on Darnold, the OC Mike LaFleur might not even be.  It's a guy two levels down from the HC that will eat, sleep and breathe thinking about Sam Darnold and the other QBs.  We had a guy like Gase spending something like 22% of his time on it. Sheesh!



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Sam Darnold would no doubt be better in this system but it’s time to turn the page. Even if he’s good somewhere else he’s not going to be great. I don’t want to find ourselves stuck in mediocrity 2-3 years down the road - dealing with Darnold who is just not good enough to contend but not bad enough to get rid of - it’s the ultimate losing cycle.

new GM, new HC, #2 overall pick, new energy - the time is now to move on and wish him luck. 

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