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When Does Deshaun Watson Get Traded?

When Does Deshaun Watson Get Traded?  

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  1. 1. When Does Deshaun Watson Get Traded?

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1 hour ago, Sonny Werblin said:

So, if its so obvious why QB hungry teams would  trade for a 25 year old 3 time pro bowl QB, why isn’t equally obvious that the Texans will not trade him?

Because their owner is a hot mess and Watson just saw James Harden and Russell Westbrook force their way out of Houston 

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8 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

Nice, yet ultimately he ends up in Dallas. Gonna be interesting to see  what Seahawks do as far as paying him. Could they really give him the 20m/year he wants? 

Michael Irvin just asked him about Adam Gase being his offensive coordinator.  LOL.


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Perhaps it will not be the Jets but Deshaun is taking absolutely every step needed in this day in age to be traded. Again his agent is the same agent as Jalen Ramsey. He has got this done before with a stud player. 

With No Cap room and no Picks a HC is the Texans only splash they could make to keep Deshaun. This is the highpoint of their offseason. So If the Texans hire a new HC and a week or 2 later your still seeing Deshaun playing these games on instagram etc you can bet your ass hell be traded to in the next few weeks. 


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6 hours ago, KRL said:

He won't get traded.  HOU will hire Bieniemy and Watson will go quiet.
Then when Bieniemy shows why no one hired him for 3 years Watson will
start crying again.  Shampoo, rinse, repeat

I love how there are actually people taking Houston's side over Watson on this one. 

Watson's character is unassailable and should not be questioned in this situation.  Terrible takes galore all across JN right now.

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