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2021 Championship Sunday betting


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Tampa Prop bets of interest:
Mike Evans: over/under 4.5 receptions (leaning under)
Mike Evans: over/under 66.5 rec yds (leaning under)

Godwin: over/under 5.5 receptions? (leaning over)
Godwin: over/under 66.5 (MGM) or 63.5 (DK) rec yds (leaning over)  

(these were yesterday's.. Godwin line has moved up to 73.5 on MGM @ -110)

Fournette: o/u 22.5 rec yds (leaning over)
Fournette: o/u 3.5 receptions (leaning over)
Fournette: o/u rushing 42.5 (not touching)

Brady: o/u 288.5 passing (not touching)

Brady 2.5+ TD passes +185 ($50 wins $142.5) (yesterday.  today it has dropped to +165)


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Green Bay props:

Rodgers 2.5+ TD passes +135 (was +150 yesterday, which I grabbed)
Rodgers o/u   290.5 (+100 on MGM)  or 279.5 (-124 DK)  (I'm not touching these, but if I did I'd take the lower payout at 279.5)
Rodgers o/u 10.5 rushing yds. (I love this.  It's almost a one and done)

Adams: o/u 87.5 rec yds  (yesterday's number that I grabbed... today the same line is 92.5 yds)
Adams: o/u 7.5 receptions  

I like the over on Adams reception bet. Yesterday it was -108 today it is -140 on MGM and -152 on DK. Glad I got in on MGM yesterday.

I won't touch Aaron Jones rushing against the Buccs who have Vita Vea back.  But the rushing line for Jones is 62.5 at +105.  So tempting, but no.  His receiving line is much more reliable IMO: +3.5 receptions and +23.5 rec yds.

Lazard: o/u 47.5 rec yds,
Lazard: o/u 3.5 receptions (-152)

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