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I served him a drink once when I was a bartender (He did a Polo Match in South Florida back in 1990 or so). Nice enough guy. Thank God I was prepped for what a "Pimms Cup" was. 
His security detail guys were literally the coolest MoFos I've ever met to this day. All former SOE/SAS dudes, and every guy was like James Bond, with that chill and friendly but "ready" vibe that all Professional Killers have...same as the Delta guys I encountered at the School of the Americas in Ft. Benning.
Anyway, we delivered the bomb....

Totally agreed about top level security details. I was on a plane to Helsinki with Jimmy and Rosalind Carter (she was flying to give a speech). Jimmy came back with a security detail to shake hands with us poor folks flying coach.

We were all cautioned to remain in our seats while the former president came through. Needless to say some jerk jumped out of his seat toward Jimmy. The move that followed from a security guy was as as graceful and athletic as any play from any athlete I have ever seen in person or on film. In a whirling motion the agent swung a full 270, catching the guy’s shirt at the 180 spot, lifting him to at least tippy toes if not fully off the floor and planting him squarely back in his seat. The hand then remained on the guy’s solar plexus holding him down in the seat while he enjoyed the handshake. The agent’s face was stoic and emotionless through the entire episode so much that I remember Carter, the idiot who jumped up, the immaculate-reception-level move but not the face of the agent.

After Carter left the passengers were buzzing and spent the rest of the flight talking about the secret service agent. Respect!

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