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I think at this point even if Joe D’s mind is made up about drafting Wilson at 2, he doesn’t have any plans of trading Darnold before the draft. I think he plans to:

• Hope a team is left without a chance at getting a prospect they like, and causing draft day desperation trade.

• Will draft Wilson at 2, and trade Sam after the draft when all the dust has settled.

• Might even keep Sam as a hedge-your-bet move. If they feel Sam really will improve in LaFleur’s offense, let him start 2021...

showcase that improvement...

increase his trade value by the deadline or year’s end.

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Also, like that one tweet said it makes no sense as to why a bad market for him would lead the Jets to keeping him. If anything it shows that a lot of people think he's mush, and makes rolling with him even worse.

Contrary to what some people say about value and how he views it, I don't believe Douglas is dumb enough to forgo drafting a potential franchise QB because Darnold would only fetch him pick 70 as opposed to pick 45. That's asinine.

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4 minutes ago, Grandy said:

Do people really think it's stupid to not ship off Darnold before you know for sure you like a QB in the upcoming class?

The best plan forward was always going to be waiting for pro days/interviews and getting all you need to know before making a franchise altering decision. The difference between Darnold fetching a 2nd round, and a 3rd round means jack sh*t if you land your Franchise QB. I'd be willing to take that risk of losing a round value outside of the first if it means we have a better picture on the class.

This approach albeit it “risky” is clearly Joe Douglas’ overall approach.

He had Saleh in the building, was blown away by the 2nd interview etc. 

But still met with Arthur Smith a 2nd time, risking losing out on Saleh...because that was the thorough strategy Douglas planned for.

He clearly needs to look under every stone before making major decisions. Its prudent and smart but it’ll bite him in the ass here and there.

He may get Darnold for less, but as you said...what really matters is the ultimate decision, which will define his tenure here.

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21 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

I mean, I guess we could do some investigative work to find out if Wilson sh!ts footballs.... but who is signing up for that?

I nominate @Paradis.  He'd probably love digging up sh!t on Wilson! 😛


You’re in mid season form today, friend. 

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