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40 minutes ago, Samtorobby47 said:

We’re definitely gonna sign someone like Will Fuller and Willie Snead and call it a day. 

Douglas will run it back with Perriman. He'll likely be cheaper than Fuller and probably about the same salary as Snead will get.

I too am frustrated with the seeming lack of moves from our GM, but he did flag that he wasn't going to make a splash in free agency this season and I don't want him giving a big contract to Schuster because I'm pretty certain that Schuster won't live up to it (especially in New York).

I can see the logic in Cimini's speculation. Douglas seems determined to build the core roster through the draft, so if he can accumulate picks by moving out of pick #2 and run it back in 2021 with Darnold on his last chance, I think it'll be definitely on his radar, if he can convince another team to give up enough picks to make it worth his while to pass on Wilson or Fields. I'd personally trade Darnold for whatever I can get at this stage and select Wilson or Fields with pick #2, because (a) Darnold is done in NY; and (b) we get the rookie QB on the rookie wage scale for at least four years, while Darnold gets more expensive next season.

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1 minute ago, joewilly12 said:

@Mogglez  look I get it you don't like him but don't disparage his talent level. 

Kid is a playmaker get him the ball he makes things happen. 

He is a much better slot WR than Jameson Crowder.  

They're different players, Crowder is a small slot not really YAC prone, Juju a bigger slot guy brings more juice. That said for 12m yr I personally would take JuJu over Crowder.

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50 minutes ago, Chrebetfan80 said:

point aside, further evidence he'll do really well in interviews.  Its hard not to like the kid, really well spoken, humble, and has some personality to him.  

Also found something for the competition crowd.

From 2016-20 the recruitment ranking for BYU was #78. The opponents BYU played this year ranged from 50-90 . Of course recruitment rankings are flawed with evaluating the actual team, and this may mean nothing, but it definitely shows that BYU wasn't exactly a power house.

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1 hour ago, joewilly12 said:

Yes they are but they needed WR's and TE's and went out and signed them. 

We keep hoarding cap space every year - but it seems the good teams find a way to sign players every year.

This cap space hoarding is SOOOOO overrated.  If you need players go and get them....Make your team better.  And if two years from now you have to cut someone to clear up space - then so be it - but at least try.


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22 minutes ago, TomDex69 said:

Here's my take on JD so far:

 I think they're tanking and just not letting anybody in on it.

Why tho?  For what? 

As for the OL...I just don’t think he wants to spend not only the $$$ but the yrs on a  Thuney, Lindsey when they are still in a building phase. If they were 10-6 last yr, I could see him going more in for it. 

By those writing about the draft it is supposed to be deep in OL. Safe to say JD will pick a couple OL during day 1 & 2 of the draft.  

Maybe he already knows or is planning on getting an additional pick or two via trade downs to fill more holes while keeping cap flexibility.  He has said multiple times he’s building for a long sustainable playoff run   


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8 minutes ago, Jetlife33 said:

If this is really all the Jets plan on doing there’s no doubt they trade back from 2 

It is always possible JD is in over his head.  We really don't know yet. 

And last year wasn't a dump year but rather he just dropped the ball.  

We all assumed he knew what he was doing and was simply cleaning house - but there was always the potential that he tried to put together a competitive team and just failed miserably.

I am still working under the assumption that he does have a master plan...

But I do tend to agree with you.  If he actually has a plan, and he understands what it takes to develop a rookie QB - he would have to be doing more for him.

If, as you stated, this is all the Jets plan on doing - and JD knows what he's doing- The only logical conclusion would be he's trading back and kicking the QB can down the road another year.

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Do you guys realize that the Jets (coming off a 2-14 season) have already signed to top 50 FAs in Lawson and Davis? 31 other teams are competing for these guys and I have a hard time believing any more top tier signings are happening (trades are a different story). I think Douglas is going to be visiting the bargain bin for the rest of FA. 

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53 minutes ago, long time suffering Jets f said:

 Losing Samuel was my breaking point. He would of been perfect in the Saleh system. Unless there’s an unforeseen trade in the works for Watson or WR, I don’t know what JD’s plan of attack is. We’re currently 50 million over the cap. Get some fu*king talent on this team!

We have a better slot receiver in Crowder 

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