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3 hours ago, Mike135 said:

Not to mention a QB that can still run a LB over when he chooses to.


Edit:  though so can Sam as he proved last year.

Remember when BB had the Two TE's Gronk and the murderer?  The whole NFL changed to address it. Interestingly even Macc addressed it 3 years later by drafting Adams and Maye.  lol

THe whole league is responding to the fast running QBs with the quick WR's. Dime packages all over the place. BB is gonna go back to his big package and squash those little fellas like grapes.  Our big CB's are matched up well with that idea. We bring in another big body and a Kwaun William's type for the nickel and we will be ahead of the game. 

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Side thought and random speculation re JuJu who I’ve railed on quite a bit in the past but wouldn’t hate in a sub Davis contract range.

Folks connecting him to Darnold quite a bit. Those kinds of connections are *almost* always wrong.

Think certain quarterbacks have different styles of receivers they’re more comfortable throwing to. Luck threw to small speedsters at Stanford and the Colts replicated that.

Folks had kind of speculated if the Jets were going to go the small shifty SF route or the bigger longer GB route with receivers.

All of BYU’s top receivers were bigger than 6 foot.

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2 hours ago, Morrissey said:

I agree that Crowder has been underrated, but to say Juju  has been unproductive since Brown left when he caught 97 balls last season seems a bit off.

The 2019 season lefted a bad taste on his reputation. He was the youngest receiver to eclipse "such and such" TDs or was it yards by a certain age (If not first then he was right behind Moss). So he had this image on being the next HOF WR. Then 2019 came and he dealt with INJ playing only 12 games along with Rudolph at QB and the Duck guy. But honestly, had he not had that dud year he would have certainly been franchise and traded rather then the Steelers allowing him to test the market.

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2 minutes ago, football guy said:

I would hope so. I don't see why not honestly. I know Mims flashed and you'd hate to see him in limited action, but at the end of the day if he's not ready to supplant these guys on the depth chart than his role should be limited. Feature your best 3 guys. 

If Davis, JuJu, and Crowder are the best 3, find a sub-package role for Mims. 

If Davis, Mims, and JuJu are the best 3, then find a sub-package role for Crowder. 

If Davis, Mims, and Crowder are the best 3, find a sub-package role (F receiver) for JuJu. 

If Mims, Crowder, and JuJu are the best 3, find a sub-package role for Davis (although this would be catastrophic as they've paid him $27 million fully guaranteed) 

Throw in Kyle Pitts and Vera Tucker or whoever at guard, and we’re fn cookin!

This is too easy, just let me be GM. 

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I've gone back and forth on what I believe will happen RE: JuJu. After signing Davis I figured no way in hell. Then I was told that Douglas had him second to Davis. Then the market started dwindling... I'm just going to trust the source. The only player that they specifically said "I think he signs with the Jets." 
Honestly though, if the Jets do sign him, see if Crowder is willing to take a pay-cut and roll out one of the deepest WR-groups in the NFL. Jets can still take a WR in the draft and let it all sort itself out. 

Gentlemen, you we are all throwing out Wish List Pieces . So I’m going to make this Simple to put today for Joe Douglas:
1. Work a trade with CHI of Sam Darnold for CB Kyle Fuller who the Bears said could be available. I think he is owed $13 million. Draft picks may have to be swapped to seal the deal. Or include J Crowder.
2. Sign Mariotta to a reasonable 2 year deal if he is released.
3. Word is JD seems to be intrigued with Zack Wilson’s fit in our new system. And I Agree wholeheartedly.
4. Sign JuJu to around 3 year $30 million deal. This gives us a solid WR room minus our Weak TEs.
5. Sign RB Phillip Lindsay for 2-3 years
6. Stay patient and wait on a salary cap cut casualty who fits our need and “Culture”
7. Use our 2nd first round and 2nd round picks to fill Value Based needs at RB, CB, OL, or Edge Rusher.
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