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Just now, flgreen said:

I've seen Morgan play, and I'm one of the few people on here who liked the pick.

Starting to look like I was wrong.  Kid has to show something real soon, or be replaced.  Being upstaged by Mike White is not a good look. 

Clutch yer pearls, scally wag!!!

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Joe Thuney and Corey Linsley is *not* a one or the other proposition for the Jets. If Thuney were to accept the Jets offer, they would still be interested in Linsley 👀 

Stage I [Jets fail to spend $200 million in the first six hours of free agency; JN blows out its collective diaper]: COMPLETE Stage II [Jets sign a bunch of second- and third-tier FAs; JN begins

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11 minutes ago, choon328 said:

You have no idea what James Morgan is. He might as well be Bryce Petty. There's a reason he was drafted in the 4th round. There's a reason Mike White is getting the 2nd most reps in OTA's. 

This training camp is only about 1 QB, Zach Wilson. The Jets should not and can not let him lose reps to QB's who would struggle to make a practice squad in most situations when there are capable veterans who don't need the reps and who the Coaching staff already knows. A veteran will be brought in before training camp. They will not go into the season with James Morgan as the backup when he can't even separate himself from Mike White. 

All 3 QB's are getting reps whether you like it or not.  Add Mullens or Foles into the fold and now you have 4 QB's getting reps.  3 is better than 4 right now.  

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1 minute ago, Captain Morgan said:

Yo ho ho!! Me thinks ye not so bad yerself tharrrrrr.

Have a feeling you'll  be waliking the plank very soon my friend.  :) 



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On 6/8/2021 at 9:05 PM, Joe W. Namath said:

We already know how the backup up spot is going to shake out.  They are not bringing in a vet until training camp so they can get the 3 young kids as many reps as possible to see how they look.

Nick Mullins will be here come the end of July.

I think this is exactly right.  We will give both Morgan and White every opportunity to win the backup job which is clearly up for grabs.  Both are competing against themselves.  The Jets will evaluate their performance and make decisions at final cuts.  Like when a team brings in two young kickers to fight it out.  Both must also beat out whatever appears on the waiver wire at final cuts. 

I honestly believe that the choices after final cuts will be better than the choices that were in front of us when free agency began.  Plus we really do need to evaluate Morgan and White.  Remember, training camp is more revealing than the regular season practices because the players must practice in pads complete with hitting.  Something that is no longer permitted during the regular season.  This is something that Morgan has NEVER faced.  Lets give the kid a chance since we do not know much of anything until the pads come on and that did not happen for him last year. 

On 6/8/2021 at 9:46 PM, Integrity28 said:

Morgan was literally drafted to be a backup QB. Literallllllllllly.

It was the whole idea.  Methinks that COVID is a valid excuse for last year's rookies.  Both Morgan and Clark are up against it for the first time once training camp begins.

21 hours ago, joewilly12 said:
#Jets top 10 cap charges (in millions): 1. Lawson - $14.3 2. C. Davis - $12.7 3. Crowder - $11.4 4. Maye - $10.6 5. Fant - $9.8 6. McGovern - $9.3 7. Q. Williams - $9.0 8. Tru Johnson - $8.0 (dead money) 9. Mosley - $7.5 10. J. Davis - $5.5 Trend: Only 2 NYJ draft picks

With the exception of Madoff (he "made off" with Woody's money), that is actually pretty good news.  Nearly all of it are guys with little future guaranteed money.  We are not only under the cap but we are wedded to few players over the long haul.  That makes room for drafted players and new free agents should the one year deal guys stumble and fall.

16 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Exactly.  There's no rule on this.  We used a 4th round pick on Morgan.  Let him be the backup.  If Wilson goes down with an injury the game(s) won't matter nearly as much anyways.  Why not see what Cap'n can do instead of some schlub like Nick Mullens? 

This isn't a contending team.  Nick Mullens isn't going to secure our playoff chances, because this very likely isn't a playoff-caliber team.  At the very least we know Morgan has got a pretty big arm.  Let him fling it up to our speed guys and see what happens.  

I completely agree.  Who among us actually believes that Mullens is going to save us if Wilson goes down?  I would much rather see us throw Morgan and White to the wolves and see if they can survive.  After all, that is where Nick Foles, Kirk Cousins and Voldemort came from.  Thrown to the wolves when the starter went down.

If training camp shows that Morgan and/or White cannot "HACK" it, then we claim the best of the waived QBs.  After all, we have sloppy seconds in the waiver wire priority this year.

9 hours ago, kdels62 said:

This season’s on-field success (like last year’s) is all about the starting QB. The only way this is a playoff team is if Wilson puts up an OROY performance. There’s no point in hedging their bets by signing a vet back up.

This is also true.  Wilson may or may not be the answer.  But the team is going to have a rough year unless there is some sort of gravity defying performance.  Remember your Bill Parcells.  "You will lose one game for every rookie you start".  That and both the defense and offense are going to be completely new.  I expect more than a few growing pains.  But I like the direction.  A wide zone Shanahan offense and the "FROGGER" passing defense.  These are solid NFL trends for the team.

8 hours ago, choon328 said:

I can see it now.  Jets are the biggest surprise of the season and are 7-4. Wilson gets injured and here comes..... James Morgan..... and the Jets finish 8-9. I'm sure you'll all be giving JD a pass for not bringing in a Mullens or Foles in that scenario????

If healthy, Mullens makes the most sense bc he knows the offense already and will need very limited reps in training camp.

You have to consider that there are only 3 preseason games this year and in training camp Wilson will need every rep he can possibly get. There is no time and not enough reps to try to develop Morgan in camp as well. You will be doing a disservice to every Jets player by not trying to bring in a Mullens or Foles to have as insurance. 

Not to be negative, but the reverse is also true.  Wilson gets hurt early and Morgan turns into Ernst Kruder or Felix Von Luckner (both are great reads if you wish to take the time).  Avast ye matey. 

2 hours ago, Captain Morgan said:

AARGGGHHH both of them are lily liveried land lovers. I am the Captain.

Tis true.  As Sheldon Richardson would say: "Yo ho ho". 

8 minutes ago, Captain Morgan said:

Clutch yer pearls, scally wag!!!

I am beginning to like this guy. 


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3 hours ago, Beerfish said:

So the Snoopy bowl is the 1st ex game this year?  Always thought it was usually like game 3 or 4.

The reduction from 4 to 3 preseason games likely shifted those plans a bit.  

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1 hour ago, joewilly12 said:

 Panthers wide receiver Robby Anderson was absent from a third straight week of voluntary organized team activities.

Undoubtedly holding out from having to try to catch passes from Darnold until he absolutely has to.

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12 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:


Probably better in coverage than Jamal Adams.

Sal Alosi is better in coverage than Jamal Adams.

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4 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Undoubtedly holding out from having to try to catch passes from Darnold until he absolutely has to.

After averaging 55 catches a year under Darnold, he goes to Panthers and with a competent QB catches 95 and shakes away the "one trick pony" label. Playing with Darnold is not a good thing for a skill player during a contract year.

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Steelers signing former Chargers DE Melvin Ingram to one-year deal

Published: Jul 19, 2021 at 04:10 PM


Nick Shook

Around The NFL Writer


Melvin Ingram's first real taste of free agency lasted well into July. It reached its conclusion Monday, just in time to get packed for a move to western Pennsylvania.

Ingram is signing a one-year deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported. The signing came following Ingram's Monday visit with the club.

Ingram had also attracted interest from the Chiefs and Dolphins this offseason, and will fill a mercenary-like need for the Steelers. Pittsburgh was in search of a veteran contributor on the edge following the free-agent departure of Bud Dupree , while Ingram was in pursuit of employment after spending his entire nine-year NFL career in Southern California with the Chargers.

Ingram is one sack shy of 50 for his career, and with a chance to play opposite T.J. Watt, it's likely he'll reach that milestone in 2021, provided he can remain healthy. Ingram was limited to seven games last season due to a persistent knee issue in 2020, his final campaign with the Chargers.

With Ingram having signed on the dotted line, all that's left for the veteran to complete is an efficient move to Pittsburgh. Steelers rookies and veterans report to training camp Wednesday.

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