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1 hour ago, CTJetsFan said:

I don't get the Crowder hate.

He's 27 and not making ridiculous $ ($11 million this year). Ridiculously consistent. Ok, not the biggest guy and the little slot guys get nicked up.

Is Samuel that much of an improvement and will he be that much cheaper?

I love Crowder but he can't block which the new scheme requires so there are better fits.



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6 minutes ago, Mike135 said:

I'm playing catchup this morning.  I see comments on Watson and pics of that lesbian lookin' dude Wilson...  has there been any activity with Watson today?

Nah you’re stuck with finding a middle ground emotionally on whether you should care about how another dude’s looks or not, instead of if he can throw touchdowns for our team. That’s the news for today.

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10 minutes ago, derp said:

That assumes Houston would be upset with Lawrence at 2.

If Watson won’t play there any more, which seems likely, it’s better to trade him pre-draft for a known pick and start a rebuild a year earlier than either trade him for question marks in August or get dragged through the mud all season as he sits out and they’re terrible and do the same thing a year later with a likely worse QB class.

Correct. The problem is nobody knows how Houston rates the QB's in this draft. My gut feeling is they make the trade (hopefully with us) on Draft night while the pick is on the clock. They will have the parameters of the trade locked in before draft night but still see how JAX plays out. 

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1 minute ago, Patriot Killa said:

But he’s gotten better as a pass catcher each year?

maybe.. he looks the same as his sophomore year, just teams focus on Henry and now AJ Brown, instead of Davis. his job got easier

still disappears at big moments in games or has crucial drops... you can read me stats it is what it is.

Davis had a solid year.. has been unimpressive. Same guy as Mims, unimpressive unproven. 

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1 minute ago, prime21 said:

The Patriots are better but lets not pretend they are the Brady team of 5-10 years ago.  

They’re not even the Brady team of two years ago.

They have 7-9/8-8 written all over them. And that’s probably where they’ll remain for the next 2-3 years until Belichick retires.

I’m supposed to believe that getting back vets on the wrong side of 30 like Donta Hightower and Patrick Chung is going to get them back in Super Bowl contention?

That adding a pair of TE’s and two JAG wideouts is going to dramatically improve that offense, especially with someone like Cam or a rookie Mac Jones chucking the ball to them?

The Pats are finished.

We have a talented Bills team in the division that just went 13-3 and yet Jets fans are still worrying about the Brady-less Patriots.


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26 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

Someone tell me the Jets' trick for using the #23 pick to get a CB, TE, WR, and OG.  How do they do that with one pick?

No shortcuts.  We can't fill out this crappy roster in just two years.  We plugged a couple holes yesterday, that's a good start.


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14 minutes ago, Warfish said:

While I'm as guilty as anyone of rush to judgement, lets see what they draft before we presume our O-line with be the usual sieve.

Drafting them is fine, and I hope the primary strategy. But I am still very concerned about the Center position, and even if they draft one for the future, I don't see a rookie being trusted right out of the gate to protect and assist in QB development. To me, that's a critical area to plug a capable veteran into if you're going with a rookie QB. If it's Darnold, I don't mind. He's not the future.

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  • I think the Jets are in for a long slow build.  The Patriots will once again be difficult, the Bills bordering on elite and the Dolphins the Dolphins.  At this point the long-term plan for JD would be to out GM the Dolphins, which is doable, and wait until the Patriots really fizzle out.
  • I like how Belichick and Ernie Adams continue to focus on their TE/mismatch strategy.  It is a pretty good one.
  • Given that the Jets are now relying on the draft to build their OL, it seems looney to put a rookie QB behind that line, particularly one not built like Josh Allen.  So the question is whether you keep Sam or trade him and buy an interim.  I like the latter option if Sam yields a high draft pick.  It is basically buying a draft pick.  
  • I would not be surprised if this signals a trade down from 2, getting more picks, and then keeping Sam or even trading Sam and go with total rebuild.  I think keeping Sam to work with alot of new players, with the option to franchise, is the better option, but maybe they go fifth year.   But if the Jets wanted Thuney and/or Linsley, they would have thrown big money at them (like Mosley/Trumaine/Bell money) to fix their OL problem.  They did not.  So maybe let Darnold finish this up and have him work with the team to solve the OL problem.  
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3 minutes ago, Butterfield said:

I just don’t like a single move made yet.  This is a lot like last year, which was underwhelming to say the least.  


After the first day of FA last year, we had signed George Fant...

How the hell is that comparable to landing a legit starting outside receiver, arguably the best EDGE on the market and a starting LB?

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