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NFL free agency 2021: How much salary cap space do Jets have after signing Titans’ Corey Davis, Bengals’ Carl Lawson, Lions’ Jarrad Davis?

Updated 9:52 AM; Today 9:34 AM 

New York Jets general manager Joe Douglas signed three players on Monday. AP

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By Darryl Slater | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

The Jets kicked off free agency Monday by signing three players.

We know the salary cap details for two of them, so let’s break down how much 2021 cap space the Jets have left.

The three players are Bengals edge rusher Carl Lawson, Titans wide receiver Corey Davis, and Lions inside linebacker Jarrad Davis.

Lawson got the biggest contract of those three — $45 million over three years, with $30 million guaranteed — though it’s not clear what the guaranteed money structure looks like.

As for Corey Davis, all $27 million of his guaranteed money is fully guaranteed. So he essentially has a two-year, $27 million deal, even though it’s officially a three-year, $37.5 million contract. Davis’ cap hits in 2021 and 2022 will be $12.66 million and $13.66 million.

As for Jarrad Davis, he got a one-year deal worth $5.5 million in base value.

So between the two Davis contracts, that’s $18.16 million in 2021 cap space gone.

And that drops the Jets to $51.826 million in cap space, according to overthecap.com’s estimate, which counts the Davis contracts, but not yet Lawson’s deal.

Based on this estimate, the Jets are second in the NFL in cap space, behind the Jaguars ($65.6 million) and ahead of the Patriots ($47.3 million).

So even after the Lawson contract details come through and further chip away at the Jets’ 2021 cap space, general manager Joe Douglas should still be in pretty good shape, as he perhaps tries to address the interior offensive line and both cornerback spots.

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4 minutes ago, Jetlife33 said:

The giants are stuck 

Who could have seen this coming??? I wonder how much they end up paying Leo for his best season on a contract year? Do they ignore the 5 seasons prior? Leo is a good player who wants to be paid like a GREAT player. 

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12 minutes ago, Tranquilo said:

Lets go through them!

It's a mixed bag

Nice work. Although it's nice to have a true #1, IMO in today's game with the rules favoring offenses and all the 3-4-5 WR sets I don't think you need a true #1. A WR group of solid outside and inside guys should be fine. 

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17 minutes ago, Tranquilo said:

Lets go through them!

Vikings - Thielen/Jefferson (bad team)

Falcons - Jones/Ridley (bad team)

It's a mixed bag

Nice list but one can argue that the Falcons are mediocre because their passing game is top 5.  And the Vikings i think are also mediocre.

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16 minutes ago, Tranquilo said:

Lets go through them!

Bills - Diggs (good team)
Dolphins - No (Parker is close but nah/borderline playoff team)
Patriots - Lol

Ravens - No (good team)
Browns - OBJ (didn't need him to win)
Bengals - Higgins is nice but no (bad team)
Steelers - DJ sorta becoming one but too many drops (good team)

Titans - AJ Brown (good team)
Jaguars - No (bad team)
Colts - No (good team)
Texans - Fuller? (bad team)

Chiefs - Hill/Kelce (good team)
Raiders - Waller count? (mediocre team)
Chargers - Allen (mediocre team)
Broncos - No (bad team)

Cowboys - Cooper (depends on Prescott)
Giants - No (bad team)
Eagles - No (bad team)
Washington - McLaurin (medicore team)

Packers - Adams (good team)
Bears - Robinson (mediocre team)
Vikings - Thielen/Jefferson (bad team)
Lions - Golladay (bad team)

Falcons - Jones/Ridley (bad team)
Panthers - Moore (bad team)
Bucs - Trio (good team)
Saints - Thomas (good team)

Cardinals - Hopkins (mediocre team)
Rams - Kupp/Woods (mediocre team)
Niners - No (mediocre team)
Seahawks - Metcalf/Lockett (good team)

It's a mixed bag


those are not all #1 WRs.  some may have name value, but guys like lockett, kupp, woods, dj moore, mclauren, cooper and keenan allen aren't #1 WRs. they are solid WRs and probably a step above a guy like davis.  but not someone the opposing team needs to focus a game plan on.

truth is there really is only a handful of true stud #1 WRs - adams, hopkins, hill, diggs (at least last year), julio jones, metcalf (maybe), michael thomas (although sucked last year), allen robinson, aj brown, and maybe golladay (at least before last year).

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1 hour ago, jetstream23 said:


What does this even mean?

Nothing, LBJ is an attention whore...always has been, always will be.  Not that this diminishes his position as an all time great...but he loves attention.  So, when he sees things getting attention in other sports, he likes to tweet about it so he can get some of that luv too.


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Just now, 32EBoozer said:

The OL market got pretty this quickly!! 40 yr. old Trent Williams is so attractive sitting there. Draft (or have the '20 class step up) a C & G and we're good to roll!

Yup.  The guy still avaialble that I would love to get is David Andrews, but saw reports he is talking to the Phins.  Nohting connecting him to the Jets yet.

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