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2 minutes ago, Jetlife33 said:


Hmmm  so the guy that every swears by and believe is sooooo close with Joe Douglas is one of the guys from day one saying Darnold should be traded and we need a reset but everyone ignores that, put no stock into it 

but everyone goes crazy over that Diana tweet???





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10 minutes ago, chad2coles said:


Is there a better way to improve the line through free agency at this point?  Most of the reporting was that Thuney was Douglas's primary free agent target, but couldn't compete with the prospect of playing in front of the best player in football.  Williams is 32, but he sat out a season with the Redskins and was one of the best LT's in the league last year, and he wouldn't be getting much more than Thuney got to play guard.  I didn't say the move was likely to happen, but it would drastically improve the line through free agency heading into next season.

Understood. I just think that given the choice between these two things....

A. Sign Trent Williams for $80M and move the Jets #11 pick from last year from LT to RT


B. Use the #23, 34 or 66 pick to find a RT

... Joe Douglas would pick B without even blinking.

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