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Excluding Saleh - Best / Worst New Head Coaches

New NFL Coaches?  

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  1. 1. Please select the 3 BEST new hires

    • Falcons - Arthur Smith
    • Detroit - Dan Campbell
    • Jacksonville - Urban Meyer
    • Chargers - Brandon Staley
    • Philadelphia - Nick Sirianni
    • Houston - David Culley
  2. 2. Please select the 3 WORST new hires

    • Falcons - Arthur Smith
    • Detroit - Dan Campbell
    • Jacksonville - Urban Meyer
    • Chargers - Brandon Staley
    • Philadelphia - Nick Sirianni
    • Houston - David Culley

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1 minute ago, GreenFish said:

I might be on an island with this one but I like Dan Campbell.

You're not on an island. He's also assembled one of the best staffs so you know that people in the coaching ranks really believe in him. 

It's very homerish of me, but I think the Jets overall did very well. Much better than I expected given the staff they've assembled. It's good to be wanted. I really like the Lions even if I don't think they should trade Stafford, but they're in it for the long rebuild so I can respect it (see 6-year deals). Brandon Staley was a great hire for the Chargers... I commend them for making the hard hire and not just defaulting to the easy hire (an offensive guy). I think the Eagles did well considering how bad that looked like it was headed. I like Siranni as a coach and has assembled a pretty good staff. 

Culley is going to get a lot of negatives, but I think he's going to make a legacy for himself in that organization as a uniter. They don't have a deep history (he's only their 4th HC) and it hasn't been this toxic like ever down there, even if they were bad. 

I think the worst hire is Urban. 

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