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Darron Lee back?


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Maybe he converts to safety. I mean, we've dabbled in interchanging those positions once before...

... and maybe this was all a grand 4D Chess move by Mac. The "long plan" he didnt see come to fruition. 

- Leo with double digit sacks...

- Lee as a safety...

- Adams as a linebacker...

- Maye as the best player on the team

- Quinnen as the second best player on the team

- Gase setting us up for Saleh

- Chris stepping aside for Woody at the end

sh*t. Just maybeeeeee... #Macwasright 

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Maybe he just wanted to wear the “New Jets Uni’s” that was his biggest claim to fame one time before he is gone for good. 

in all seriousness, if it’s a flyer with no real commitment, and Saleh thinks he can do something with him, what the hell. 

if he still sucks(most likely) then cut bait and try something else. Polite can have the next crack at it if Wilkerson can’t stumble back to the facility. 

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He was drafted as a fast linebacker at a time when the Jets LB corps were giving up big numbers on pass coverage etc. I always thought he could be a contributor as a situational player. He did last a few years on other teams incl the Chiefs. So there could be a role for him and if not the Jets he can make an NFL roster.

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19 hours ago, Beerfish said:
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toy story disney GIF

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14 hours ago, Warfish said:

1. It's not his fault he was WAY over drafted.

2. I'd be fine bringing him in at league minimum or thereabouts, and seeing what he could do under Saleh.

Our specials aren't exactly special, and we're not exactly a deep team.  A cheap veteran LB who can contribute on specials (perhaps) and be a depth guy at LB is fine, if cheap.

Worst case, he gets cut.  No loss to us.

Truth is, as much as he was a horrible draft pick, at this point he’s a 26-27 yr old FA who can be had for the league minimum. And not for nothing, but it isn’t as though this team is flush with LBers. I’m not seeing a downside.

What’s the risk really? Wasting an offseason roster spot when we’re allowed to carry almost a hundred guys? He’s not getting a signing bonus, and yes if he sucks then he doesn’t even make the roster. If he does he’s a still-young, cheap, fast special teams player with 3 prior seasons of full time starting experience.

He’s got a much better chance of contributing than most or all of the cannon fodder UDFAs they’re going to invite. A team also needs cannon fodder to trot out in preseason games. Gase’s rush to get a throwaway pick for him wasn’t even worth having to trot Williamson out there in a preseason game & then lose him for the season. It was very shortsighted thinking, to say the least. At least keep him into the summer to see if anyone lost a starting MLB and get more than a future 6th round throwaway pick from the SB frontrunner (trade value of a late 7th in the current year’s draft). Gase idiotically sold at rock bottom, as though they were desperate for a preseason roster spot or a future pick around #200.

Jokes aside - and I’ve made many and will surely make more lol - he’s not totally devoid of talent, is surely motivated to restart his career if it’s at all possible, has multiple years experience both starting and on specials, and wants that to play for the Jets. Fine by me. 

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