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Stafford traded to Rams

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The Rams picks are essentially late 1st round picks. Pick 2 is still more valuable than those 2 picks combined

Big story as it relates to the Jets and Deshaun is that *absolutely nobody—not Schefter, not Mort, not Rapoport—-nooooooobody had any idea this deal was going to happen until it went down, so take all

I think the Rams won this trade big time. To unload Goff’s contract and markedly improve the Most important position in sports on a team that’s ready to win now, with the leagues number one defen

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4 minutes ago, Grandy said:

Possibly, but Goff is more of a band-aid than a solution. Might make them less inclined, but I wouldn't completely rule it out.

He just signed an extension not too long ago.  So there has to be some sort of commitment to Goff from Detroit by taking on his contract.

Edit: So I just looked it up. He has 4 years left on his deal, but the final 2 years have no guaranteed money. So I guess they could still draft a QB and sit him for a a year or 2. But who knows, we'll see

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I don't think this has much of an impact on Deshaun's value, though.

This is more a Brock Osweiler situation than an endorsement of Stafford's abilities.


A trade would trigger a cap charge of only $22.2 million, which is manageable. The problem for the Rams will be finding a team that willingly takes on his contract, which carries $43.325 million in fully-guaranteed payments due in 2021 and 2022.



As the NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero points out, Stafford has two years left on his current contract worth a total of $43 million. That’s a good deal for a veteran quarterback who presumably has some good years left in the tank, particularly when you look at what the top NFL quarterbacks are getting paid these days.


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6 minutes ago, JoJoTownsell1 said:


You guys do realize that the Jets wouldn't trade the #2 pick this for all the picks the Rams just traded to Detroit? 

Actually, this trade may help lower the Texans price for Watson. The Lions not only didn't get a 1st this year (let alone a top 2 pick), they had to take on Goff's contract. 


I mean, I guess.  That being said, 2 1s are 2 1s.  Watson isn’t going for less than that, especially not after this trade.

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14 minutes ago, Chrebetfan80 said:

Snead absolutely detests the first round... although when you think about it, cant draft 1st round busts if you dont draft in the first round 

think about it GIF by Matt FX

It’s an interesting experiment. NFL franchises treat first round picks like first born sons. 

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A hypothetical. Since trades can’t be processed until March, what if another team swooped in with a better offer in the coming weeks? Would the Lions be able to make a new deal with a different team? 

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5 minutes ago, playtowinthegame said:

Aaron Donald about to request a trade. 

Because they got a better a QB and in return had to give up draft picks 2 years from now? Why would he care about the Rams giving up a 2023 pick? He wants to win now and Stafford over Goff, helps him get to that goal. 

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