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Report: Multiple Teams Showing Interest in Darnold


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Sam Darnold

According to the folks over at uStadium, the New York Jets have been receiving calls from multiple teams in regards to the availability of starting quarterback Sam Darnold.

SOURCE: “Multiple teams” have contacted the #Jets about QB Sam Darnold.


— uSTADIUM (@uSTADIUM) February 1, 2021

Thrown in to one bad situation after another since being drafted by the Jets, Darnold regressed under the disaster of a head coach in Adam Gase.  After little to nothing was done to assist the young signal caller in his development, he went from promising rookie to clueless veteran as Darnold continually made rookie mistakes.  Interceptions in to double and triple coverage, missing wide open receivers and blown opportunities became too frequent to ignore.

Given his youth and previous flashes of brilliance, there will surely be a number of coaches who believe they can get Darnold’s career back on track and undo the damage done by Gase.

Potential landing spots for Darnold include Carolina, New Orleans, Washington and Indianapolis with the Colts to name a few.

The post Report: Multiple Teams Showing Interest in Darnold appeared first on JetNation.com (NY Jets Blog & Forum).

Jetnationcom?d=yIl2AUoC8zA Jetnationcom?d=qj6IDK7rITs

Click here to read the full story...

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10 minutes ago, HighPitch said:

This is a good monday. Jets were talking about stafford and now this.


so saleh was blowing smoke up r asses

How exactly? He said it was a process and had to talk to people about it. He basically said he didn't know.

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I would bet that if the Jets were interested in trading for Darnold, that they would get a first round draft pick for him.  The question is not would he garner a first round pick, but how high of a 1st round pick would the Jets be able to get for him.

My opinion would be around 1the 15-25 range.

I still hope that the Jets keep him, and load up with the 2nd pick of the draft on a wide receiver or Sewell.

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Snoop Dogg Gravy GIF

I don't care how this situation ends up.... I'm good with keeping him I'm good with moving one. Hes been stuck in a $***show from day one but he has most definitely contributed to it being a $***show.

I'll be alright with it if new management wants to give him another shot. 

I'll be alright with drafting a QB at 2

I'll be alright with going after Watson as long as the cost is not ridiculously prohibitive and as long as it takes our leverage into account.

Glad to be out of the last decade of Jets football either way.


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I'm not surprised.  I'm sure there are a lot of talent scouts and NFL pros who remember Sam from USC, particularly during his penultimate year when he had real talent around him.  I think people in the know appreciate that Mike Maccagnan didn't bring in any talent to help, that Todd Bowles knows nothing about offense and QBs, and that Adam Gase belongs in a mental institution.

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