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Report: Multiple Teams Showing Interest in Darnold


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5 hours ago, Snook said:

What does JD taking calls have to with what Saleh said ?

Omg dude why r u being difficult? 
saleh was praising sam for weeks leaving us speculating that they are going to stick with sam.

now we see thats not the case. 

whats with the interrogation 

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10 hours ago, JetNation said:

Given his youth and previous flashes of brilliance, there will surely be a number of coaches who believe they can get Darnold’s career back on track and undo the damage done by Gase.


I'm sorry. Am I missing something here? When was Ducknold's career ever on track?


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Darnold is gonna get better. With a half decent team around him with a decent offensive system he will be a good QB. He won 7 games 2 seasons ago with a bad team around him. This season was a total sh*t show as Douglas traded away the Jets 2 best players. How many games did the Jets win the past 3 seasons with any QB other than Darnold? Zero - big fat Zero. That says something. Will Darnold ever be a top 5 QB probably not. I think he could be a top 10-15 QB. If the Jets are in love with one of the QB's at 2 then fine. If not then stay with Sambo. I don't see a trade for Watson happening.

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