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***The Official 2021 NFL Super Bowl LV Game Thread***


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10 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:


I hate this sport.

Why? You don't enjoy seeing America realize that "The Patriot Way" is a total fraud, Belichick is trash, and right now All of those bandwagon New England scumbags are realizing Brady was the key, and the party's over??


That the whole media narrative of the "genius" of Belichick is make believe trash, and now that whole "holier and smarter than you" dynamic is DONE? 😆 And the people who have been pushing it are just ignorant  sycophant morons?


**** KC, **** Mahomes, **** Bellicheat the Fraud, and **** all of New England. 


I find it delightful. 



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2 minutes ago, Titan24 said:

Some great posts by you I always read..... you and I had a little back and forth years ago on that other landing strip site......Watkins vs beckham....

Sweet Sammy! 

thanks. Where you been my brother? Don't recall seeing you frequent the draft forum here

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