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***The Official 2021 NFL Super Bowl LV Game Thread***


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Just now, Grandy said:

Mahomes has infinitely more talent, and unlike Darnold is actually good with a clean pocket. 

Mahomes worst game ever would only be Darnold's 5th or 6th worst by QB rating. 

Mahomes looks like Darnold in this game.

Running for his life with no support and trying to go full hero mode taking huge chances.

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10 minutes ago, Spoot-Face said:

As usual you missed my point entirely. It was never about it being a rip of Denzel, it was about the oddity of seeing Queen Latifa portraying some badass character -- Denzel Equalizer spin-off or not -- just as it would be odd to see Paul Rudd cast in a similar role.

I think you accidentally farted out all your brains tonight.

You weren’t making a point, zit dick.

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1 minute ago, HawkeyeJet said:

I'm very conflicted at this outcome.  I still don't like Brady.  Respect him, always have, but don't like him.

The Chiefs org is full of sh*t bag humans at all levels it seems, so watching them get smacked is pretty satisfying.

Huge fan of Arians. Really happy to see him get a ring.


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Game is not Mahomes fault obviously but it highlights how the QB always gets too much credit and too much blame. No one player can put a team on his back like in the NBA....and it's also easy to play QB when your team is loaded like it's been for him for 2 years.
Hilights that ni QB cannot do it in his own ... and if the team is bereft of talent .. the QB will look much worse.

Ala Watson on the Jets.

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