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This is a strange SB. I never watch the SB at home, we always go to a particular  friends home in LI for a party and before that we would find a restaurant  that had an open table and was showing the game. This year, no parties, no restaurants, but we do have Seamless and low and behold, Hooters  now has deliveries so my girlfriend and I ordered wings, fried pickles, a cheese steak, and a Hooters Texas burger melt and picked up a bag of scoops and salsa

 Hoping the delivery person looks like this

not funny lol GIF by Hooters

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4 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

Or we can say you are loved enough to have people in your life to cook happy happy surprise food on football Sunday for you. 

Lol, neighborhood girl I've known since we we're teenagers. Its literally the family +me. Her husband is a Bucs fan, she's a Jets fan. We're both telling Matt we are actively rooting against his team for the whole game. Should be great. 

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Just now, Lith said:

Quiet evening watching the game with just the wife and daughter.  Which means I will be watching the game by myself.  Bringing in chili, ribs, fries, slaw from a local bbq joint, and a growler of oatmeal stout from a nearby microbrew.

Whoever came up with the name Growler  needs to have a damn statue of the themselves someplace.,

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