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Baked Clams, Parmesan Wings, BBQ Ribs, Cold Antipasti, Penne Vodka, Pizza Patata, Macallan 15 and fresh cannoli’s. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

Ready just in time!

Honey bbq wings, pulled pork and nachos.  Last year we had 25 people over for the game.  This year it’s just my wife and kids and that’s it. 

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2 minutes ago, munchmemory said:

I cook every day, so SB Sunday is no big deal.   Not completely sure what I'm making yet.  

Right now, think I'm going with grilled Italian sausage on Trader Joe's brioche hot dog rolls.  Will serve them with sauteed sweet onions, peppers and crimini mushrooms.  Probably some sort of past, too.  No idea about dessert but better get off my ass soon if I want a cake in the oven.

Drinks are Sam Adams Boston Lager, Bordeaux and Chenin Blanc.  It's what's in the house so we can pick and choose. Bought some blood oranges the other day.  So might make a "blood orangeade" and add vodka.

1-800-fat-dude.  Call anytime 

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Just now, joewilly12 said:

*chipotle ranch 
*honey bbq 
*asian glaze 
*garlic parmesan 

*caribbean jerk 
*old bay
*spicy brown sugar 

May be an image of food and indoor

Atta boy Joe 

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1 minute ago, munchmemory said:

That is an absolutely gorgeous piece of meat and perfect rub.  Gave me a chubby.

Glad I could help 😆. I'll post a pic when it's done. 

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9 minutes ago, Lith said:

Quiet evening watching the game with just the wife and daughter.  Which means I will be watching the game by myself.  Bringing in chili, ribs, fries, slaw from a local bbq joint, and a growler of oatmeal stout from a nearby microbrew.

Pretty much the same here.  Watch with wife and two sons.  Wife will be inattentive until the halftime show.  Younger son doesn't follow football and older son opted out of watching most football this year.  Sigh.

Every year a group of neighbors/friends and family rotate among our 4 homes for a SB party each year.  Last year was our turn. (@More Cowbell: you know some of them - includes Disco Orphans, 83 Raiders, Flight Boys, Lucky Cows, Rock Bottom from my leagues.)

Not only is there no party this year, but everyone in one of the houses now has Covid.  Go Chiefs.  Rah rah.


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