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When was the last time we had a truly game breaking RB?

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Washington? Martin? McNeil? I know the game has changed and it's mostly RBBC these days. But it sure would be nice to have a stud RB like a Dalvin Cook or an Alvin Kamara, take away Henry from Tennessee and that team doesn't scare anyone at all. I hear the build the OL first crowd but I've been hearing that noise for years now and no RB. We couldve had Cook or Kamara both but we took a strong safety instead in 17.

I dont want to pay a FA type and I know you can find a RB under a rock but it seems we never do. I'm hoping we can land one this year no later than the 3rd round. My guy is Najee Harris all the way, I think it would make Sunday afternoons more fun to watch with a real stud RB for once, Leveon left such a bad taste, what a disappointment he was!

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The kid from FL we drafted last year, he's another Eli McGwire. Not special in any respect and no upside. He's a fringe guy. That's the RB under a rock that we always get. We never get the undrafted Priest Holmes types, or the Terrell Davis types that go in the 6th round. Leon was a 4th rounder but be was frail, so was Bilal.

Think about it, Bilal Powell was the last significant RB drafted by the Jets, he was drafted in 2011. 

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3 hours ago, predator_05 said:

I liked Thomas jones

Ok, A 12 year old could have had 1000 yards behind that offensive line. But he was pretty good and had the numbers to justify ground n pound

Hard to forget who we went to on that 4th down in San Diego. That was San Diego, right?

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