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Brady says he's coming back, what's his goal?

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1 minute ago, johnnysd said:

Why? If Jack Nicklaus could still compete at the PGA Tour level do you think he would sit at home? Brady LOVES to compete. Obssessively. As long as he can compete on a high level he will continue to compete. That is all he needs

a nut for football, gotta respect it

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10 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

He's having fun and winning. 

Why quit. 

Did I mention the money he's making. 

His kids kids kids will never have to work. 


He's trying to catch his wife in career earnings?

In all seriousness, he is healthy, he is playing on a good team at a high level, why retire?   He is doing what he loves to do.  Guys that competitive, once they are out of pro sports they can have a hard time because there is nothing to challenge them in that way.

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53 minutes ago, Matt39 said:

Bucs @ New England next season. I imagine he'll have that one marked off.

This has practically nothing to do with Belichick. And that's not because it isn't a thing. It is. But it's small potatoes. It's mostly just that Brady is a legit psycho who genuinely does not believe that his records are made to be broken. He's not going to stop until he feels like he's put it on ice for the foreseeable existence of football or until 32 team doctors won't clear him. He'd let the pool boy **** Gisele before he'd risk leaving a ring unclaimed.

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My theory on his goal: 

- set every goal possible for a QB

- establish himself as the greatest NFL player ever

- come out of the closet

- succeed in a trolling masterclass of toxic masculinity, while kicking the nuts into the throats of every jock stooge that ever tormented him as a kid

Simply put, he’s too he’ll bent to just have normal motivation like “I like to win”. This is next level chip on shoulder.

It also explains making Giselle (at the time considered the most beautiful model on earth) his beard/wife.

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• Legacy

• Love of the game

• Rings 

• Stick it to Belichick

• Walking advertisement for his TB12 Method (post-NFL business) that he played like this for this long due to his regime and lifestyle.

• Nothing will ever replace the juice from playing or coaching pro sports. Once its gone...its gone.

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i don't see what the big deal is.  gotta admit brady is the goat and as others have said, once he quits, that's it.  if he's still capable (and it looks like he is) why should it be strange for him to stop doing what he enjoys.  how many people can actually say they are fully happy at doing the job they work at?  not so many.  of course i hope that when the jets play any team brady is i hope he gets retired but that's another story.

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14 hours ago, rex-n-effect said:

For the same reason Frank Gore is still running at thirty-eight. He can, he wants to and the money is good. What is Brady going to do after football other than sell sh*tty products and buy car dealerships? Not quite the incredible lifestyle of being the top QB in the league for twenty years. 

Sounds crazy but probably true.  

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