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Brady says he's coming back, what's his goal?

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16 minutes ago, Adoni Beast said:

• Legacy

• Love of the game

• Rings 

• Stick it to Belichick

• Walking advertisement for his TB12 Method (post-NFL business) that he played like this for this long due to his regime and lifestyle.

• Nothing will ever replace the juice from playing or coaching pro sports. Once its gone...its gone.


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16 hours ago, Wonderboy said:

Brady will play until he's 50.  Is George Blanda the oldest to play QB at 48? Brady wants to break every possible record he can.  I think he's 1000 behind Brees for all time passing yards. Thats history by midpoint of the 2021 season.   

In the modern, no defense NFL, that's history by  halftime of game 3.

Ok. That's a little inaccurate. 

Before game 3 is over. :-)

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20 hours ago, nycdan said:

I think he's already got them all.

Brees holds the NFL records for passing yards (80,358), completions (7,142) and consecutive games with a touchdown pass (54, 2009-12). Brady, meanwhile, passed Brees for most career touchdown passes (581) this season by throwing 40. He also has the most regular season wins (230), playoff wins (31), playoff touchdowns (75) and Super Bowl wins (six).


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He obviously loves playing, , so he may as well keep trying to win rings until he is clearly not good enough to get the job done anymore. Especially since he has such a stacked team around him. I suspect that Bucs will come crashing back down to earth next season (just so hard to repeat and they will lose some pieces this offseason), but we'll see. 

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