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Curious to see what the board's thoughts are on Walker Little. Guy was the #1 recruit in the county and was all conference as a sophomore and honorable mention as a freshman. Stanford used a zone blocking scheme and he certainly has the athleticism to handle Shannahan/Lefleurs zone blocking concepts. In 2019 he tore his ACL - and many people had him as a first round draft pick in last year's draft. He opted to return to school, but then opted out when COVID happened. He has the ideal size and weight to play tackle in the NFL - hes 6'7 304 lbs and since he will likely be a day 2 pick, it may be a chance to take a swing on a guy with an insane pedigree/physical make up, whos ceiling is a top tackle in the NFL. 

His value is hard to peg and I've seen some people claim he may go in the first (although haven't seen a mock with him in the first), or even slide to rounds 3/4. I think he is a no brainer if he is around by our pick in round 3. The earliest I'd take him is 34 overall, but the sweet spot is probably as a mid 2nd rounder in terms of appropriate risk/reward. If the jets trade back from 34, or get a mid 2nd rounder from a Darnold trade - I would love for them to take a swing on him.  You could even potentially red shirt him for a year if you are worried about getting him acclimated to the NFL after two years out of football and keep Fant, grooming him for 2021. 

Scouting Report: 









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