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NFL Salary Cap Floor Update 2/18


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4 minutes ago, Samtorobby47 said:

Eh...still good for us. We're still one of the few teams that can offer more money long term. 

But either way, the cap is crap! Teams will find ways to keep and get new players all the time. Doesn't matter how high or low it is. 

i agree it is a wash.  Agents and players will adjust their asks to the level of money that is available league-wide like water reaching a natural level in a bathtub.

If we have more money going in then we will still be at the same level of competitive advantage.

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If it ends up being $185 or less its probably not the biggest of deals. One benefit of more cap space is Jets may be more comfortable making larger commitments to players. If most teams are offering short term deals the Jets can offer longer term contracts and not worry about uncertainty in what the cap will be next year. The higher the cap goes the worse it is for the Jets, but another $5mm bucks won't be a big mover for most teams. If its like 190+ that starts to hurt. 

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3 hours ago, bitonti said:

By the time this thing is over the saints will be signing more free agents 

After dropping a bunch of contracts, renegotiating some, and not resigning other free agents.  As of right now, they are STILL $69 million over the cap.  They also have to figure out how to work out a Brees deal, and then possibly sign the following:   Jared Cook, Nick Easton, Sheldon Rankins, Craig Robertson, PJ Williams, Marcus Williams, Noah Spence, Jameis Winston, and a few other young guys.

This ain't going away for The Saints without some major changes.  They took a shot the last two years and missed.  Its now time to pay the piper.    


No team has entered a season that high before.

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