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NY Jets meet with Oregon State RB Jermar Jefferson ~ ~ ~


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The NY Jets will meet with a variety of prospects over the coming weeks and months as we inch closer to April’s 2021 NFL Draft. And the latest prospect they’ve reportedly met with is Oregon State running back Jermar Jefferson.

Per Justin Melo of The Draft Network, the Jets are one of five teams that Jefferson has met with along with the Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts, New England Patriots, and San Francisco 49ers.Jefferson is the fourth reported player to have met with the Jets thus far after LSU safety JaCoby Stevens, West Virginia defensive lineman Darius Stills, and NC State defensive lineman Alim McNeill.He’s also the first of what should be many offensive players to meet with the team as the Jets are expected to overhaul the offensive side of the ball in the offseason. The running back position is certainly something that will be addressed.

What would the NY Jets be getting in Jermar Jefferson?

At 5-foot-9, 215 pounds, Jefferson is built low to the ground and a little undersized for the position. However, his soft hands and ability to create yards in open space will be very intriguing for teams.The Draft Network currently ranks Jefferson as their sixth-highest running back and their No. 96 overall prospect projecting him as somewhere around a third or fourth-round pick. However, CBS Sports doesn’t have Jefferson ranked inside their top-12 running backs.Although he’s only 5-foot-9, Jefferson packs a punch and is a tough runner. He’s someone who finishes his runs and always fights for extra yardage, even if it’s only to gain a few inches.

The California native rushed for 858 yards and seven touchdowns in just six games in 2020 while averaging a career-high 6.5 yards per carry. The shortened season prevented him from having what could have been a record-breaking campaign.Still, he received first-team All-Pac 12 honors for his performance this past season and it helped him get on the radar of a number of NFL teams. The Jets are clearly one of them.The Jets currently have just two running backs under contract for 2021, La’Mical Perine and Ty Johnson. There’s a decent chance they bring back Josh Adams, who is a restricted free agent, but look for them to address the position in the offseason as well.

While free agency remains a very viable option, don’t rule out the Jets taking a running back in the draft as well. Jefferson makes some sense as a mid-round target, especially given his experience in a zone-heavy run offense at Oregon State.Don’t be surprised if the Jets target Jefferson on Day 3 of the draft.

>     https://thejetpress.com/2021/02/18/ny-jets-oregon-state-jermar-jefferson/

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3 hours ago, joewilly12 said:


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Good times-

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I really can't see the Jets investing major resources in RB this year.

I think they add a cheap FA who fits the system - maybe someone like Matt Breida who did well with the 49ers - and adding a rookie in the mid to late rounds to add to Ty Johnson, Perine and Josh Adams.

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15 minutes ago, mrcoops said:

I really can't see the Jets investing major resources in RB this year.

A decent running game helps the passing game and there are some really good RB's available in this draft. 

We struggle in the Red Zone scoring TD's a quality RB fixes all that. 

Etienne or Harris teamed up with Ty Johnson gives us some offense. 

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