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~The struggle within: understanding the unwavering Sam Darnold defender

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4 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

True enough.  And low and behold, of the 4 bust QB's I listed, he's had the most success statistically.  I think he'll have a nice journeyman career in this league, at minimum.  

I think he is most likely for a Tannehill style renaissance.  I think they should use Darnold on more designed runs too.  Those things put pressure on the D and make for easier cues to make reads.  It's not like there is any reason to protect these guys as "franchise" quarterbacks.  

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I will die on the Sam Darnold hill...

Wow that was long. I am so glad we now have the EXPAND post quote option. 

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59 minutes ago, Samtorobby47 said:

It's not even that with Sam. It's the bad mechanics and not being able to move around the pocket or bailing too soon when all he has to do is step up, when there IS a clean pocket. 

Sure constant pressure from a bad oline can get to you after a while but it wasn't nearly that bad this year and there was plenty of opportunities for him to step up and make plays and he didn't because of those things. 

If the coaching staff thinks they just need to tweak a few things with his mechanics to get things on the right path then i'll be all for giving him another go.

How do you come up with it not being bad this year? The jets oline was ranked last in qb protection. It was THAT BAD

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4 minutes ago, neckdemon said:

How do you come up with it not being bad this year? The jets oline was ranked last in qb protection. It was THAT BAD

From watching the games. I didn't think it was nearly as bad as some made it out to be. Also...goes hand in hand with what I was saying, he doesn't know how to move in the pocket and bails often, thus resulting in unnecessary sacks, pressures and bad plays. Not knowing when to throw it away. All these things can bring down an OL ranking. 

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12 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

24 is less than 20 now?  Is this new math?  How many starts did Kyler Murray have?  

If Kyler Murray was available at 2 this year would you take him?  I wouldn't touch him and I've seen ever game he's played as a pro.

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