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Anyone see Kiper’s new mock?


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On 2/26/2021 at 9:03 AM, clayton163v said:

I like Kyle Pitts a lot.  But let's stop calling him a tight end.  He is an H-back and perhaps a large wideout like Chase Claypool.  He might be the dangerous player we seek.  He might be a third down player - or worse - a tweener.  He may lack a pro position.  Gotta look at these fellas from all angles.  One thing is certain.  I take Chase before the others and I take Sewell before any of them.   

Guys like Gronk, Kelce etc get so many mismatches in the NFL because they line up in-line on 1st and second down so they end up in the middle of the field often in single coverage against a fatass LB who can’t keep up with them 


Pitts isn’t big enough to do that.  I still like him a lot but he’s going to be lined up mostly wide or in the slot facing DBs who can keep up with him.  Now his height and ball skills will still give him an advantage even in that scenario

Just go WR at 23 


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