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Can Morgan become the next Brady?

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Stay tuned. (JD saw something, right?).

This is so unbelievably stupid, I would rather have a conversation with mice.

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The only reason why Brady was a 6th round pick was because Michigan signed Drew Henson who was the top recruit in the country. Lloyd Carr was under a ton of pressure to play him which led to Brady being overlooked. 

The transfer portal makes another Brady situation unlikely. Twenty years ago nobody might have ever heard of Joe Burrow if he was stuck at Ohio St behind Dwayne Haskins and Justin Fields. 

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I'm a little disappointed, as soon as I read the title I really expected this thread to be entertaining. 

I'm still waiting for him to reach Hackenberg level with regards to depth chart and play time. 

First he shows as much as Hack, then he can be Brady. 

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sorry if i’ve missed it but was there any report whatsoever on Morgan in tc last year? did he make any kind of impression? reps? could he hit side of barn? throw a 20 yd out? did he even get on the practice field?

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