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How much BETTER can the Jets be in 2021?

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4 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

Thats it?  We easily could have, I know, won 5 a year ago.  The number of draft picks, the cap space for FA and we can address the areas of need.  Hate the brutal schedule talk.  Its a schedule, a NFL schedule.  Never mind who knows how hard it will be today.  

I dont know how many wins but more talent and a CS that doesnt completely such ass?  I'll be disappointed with 6 wins.

Prepare to be disappointed 

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2 hours ago, flgreen said:

Depends who is at QB

Darnold  5-11

Z. Wilson 8-8

Watson  9-7

If Wilson will be only 1 game worse than Watson, I’d reset the Qb clock. However, I don’t see this being the case and will take an established Franchise Qb in Watson over a rookie with only question marks. 

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10 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

I’ve actually just had my second lunch after three breakfast and still have no clue. 

you need BEER.....





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10-6 or better.  i think it's going to be a pretty tough division and the doltfins, bills, and patsies aren't going to be pushovers, but saleh is going to get this team's attention really quickly and a good draft some key free agent acquisitions will push them over the top.

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