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1 minute ago, jetstream23 said:

This is it!  The sign that change is coming.

They freed up a roster spot for a certain guy from the Texans.

Here comes JJ Watt!!!!





Wrong thread, thats why the Dolphins cut Van Noy.  

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it is always amazing to me how many times we have seen a player released only to hear how he was a terrible fit for our system, or how he was not used in the best position he could have been. I thought he played ok for us for what he was, hell I would say i even liked him on the team to some degree, but I hope that this new regime and his hand picked HC will be on the same wave length as far as talent. 

I think we are gonig to see very little of this common place Jets situation where we have players that do not fit the current system, look for Joe to cut Crowder in the coming day but other players that do not fit the new HC system that well. 

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54 minutes ago, Jetlife33 said:

Terrible fit for the 4-3. He’s strictly a 3-4 end. Saves 8.2 million. 

Making room for money doesn’t impress me. Spending it in a way that makes a winner does 

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