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Tom Brady takes a shot at the Jets


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4 hours ago, Rhg1084 said:

Come on now. Those are all nice wins, yes. But beating Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in New England to advance to the AFC Championship game? That game trumps any of those wins against the colts, raiders, chargers. Not even close. Can’t believe you listed all those games honestly a bit shocking 

4 hours ago, Icer said:

Good but none of them come close to that game in Foxboro against the 14-2 Pats

Agreed. Not looking it up now, but IIRC, both teams started out 9-1 or something like that, met on MNF, and the pats absolutely obliterated the Jets something like 45-3. That team was 14-2, I think Brady went on to win MVP that year. They were prohibitive favorites to win the SB that year.

Also, keep in mind that at that point, the Jets were coming off an AFC championship game appearance with a 2nd year flawed-but-clutch-QB, they just avenged the prior year's loss to Peyton ******* Manning, and had the best defensive coach in the league. Meanwhile Brady hadn't won an SB in 5-6 years.

Even at the age of 24, that win felt like a monumental shift in Jets history. Easily the high watermark of Jets fans born in the 80's or later. Easily.  

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I say this in the most nicest of ways....but at the end of the day, who gives a $hit less what Brady has to say about the Jets.

As an added challenge, let's try to go a full calendar month as Jets fans without letting the guy continue to live rent free in our heads. Jets fans bring this crap on themselves. 

Just about sick of hearing about Brady. Move on already, enough. He's owned us every single year he's played. He won. We lost. Enough already. 

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