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3 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

Where do you get this from?  Golladay is a target hog, but he is NOT a slot.  I just checked.  As far as I can tell, he ran about 8% of his plays from the slot.  By contrast Godwin ran 55% and Robinson 21%.  This is why I am against Juju who ran over 80% of his snaps from the slot.   That is higher than Berrios or Crowder and I want more outside guys.  I think dangerous slots are easier to pick up in the draft.  

probably just my poor typing skills.. Golladay will take slot opportunities, so will mims...Crowder is our "slot" WR because our coaches and system are idiots, the new regime will most likely use it to take advantage of def throughout the game with different personnel and plays. All meaning crowder, who I think should be let go, but if here, crowder will not be force fed 10 plus passes in the slot.

I hope that makes sense, basically he will get some slot action here in NY. i am with you on ju ju he is a slot guy like crowder, but alot better of a player - he can play other places on the field.  

I also agree dangerous slots can be picked up sure, but really the new HC is going to use the slot with modern concept design - meaning there isnt a slot guy like Gase had, we are going to have WRs that will move around and try to take advantage of the mis matches - golladay and mims will get slot action


lol this might be the best line I have every written on Jetnation - Will get slot action .

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Thuney  Linsley

Let's do something a bit different. If you could guarantee that the Jets got any two players of your choosing in FA, who would those players be? Factor in things like salary, too - you can have Gollad

Linsley - C, GB Curtis Samuel - WR, Car

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I think we have to think about scheme fit.

OL-We could sign both Thuney and Linsley and put them with McGovern.  We can cut VanRoten and Lewis to help pay for it.  Clark and Elflein and later draft picks for depth.  This way we don't have to use draft picks for IOL.

WR-if we keep Darnold, we use our top pick for a Chase/Waddle, etc.  We could upgrade the slot Shuster and add Samuel as well.  Cut Crowder to pay for it.  These are good scheme fits.

Edge-Hendrickson and Lawson are fits.  The other big names are not.  We should get one of them.  We don't need to cut anyone.

CB-we should sign a hold the fort guy and look to draft these.

RB-need a signing-don't want to use a 1 or 2 on a RB.  Maybe later.  

S-I don't know whether Malik Hooker is a fit.  I think its 50/50 Ashtyn Davis makes himself useful.  A Neal/Maye reunion with Davis as depth could be interesting.

LB-sign somebody hold the fort and draft.  


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Assuming Darnold is a gonner and we get a 2nd round pick from him:

1 - Thuney

2 - Linsey

2(a) - Lawson

I've always said you need to draft Oline for depth, but there inevitably seems to be opportunities to improve the oline with solid FAs every year or so....especially interior Oline.

If we get Thuney and Linsey we would be set with Becton, Thuney, Linsey, McGovern and Fant.

Then we can focus on Edge, CB and Offensive skill positions early in the draft, with 6 picks in the first three rounds.

In the draft we literally could go 1 QB then in no particular order: 1 Edge, 2 CB, 1 WR, 1 RB




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