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Zeitler to Ravens...


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4 minutes ago, BroadwayRay said:

Peter King today:

 Money spent on the top end of free agency is usually wasteful. “Usually” is being charitable. In the last three free-agency seasons, the Jets guaranteed six imports more than $10 million: linebacker C.J. Mosley ($43 million), cornerback Trumaine Johnson ($34 million), running back Le’Veon Bell ($27 million), center Connor McGovern ($18 million), wideout Jamison Crowder ($17 million), and linebacker Avery Williamson ($16 million). Out of that $155 million in guarantees, the Jets got one good player—Crowder. The rest are either long gone or major disappointments. Check out the biggest contracts in free agency over the past three years, all those for $70 million or more, and what has become of each player:

  1. Trey Flowers, Detroit ($90 million). Nine sacks in two years for an edge rusher.
  2. Nick Foles, Jacksonville ($88 million). Made $38 million in two Jacksonville/Chicago years while going 2-9.
  3. C.J. Mosley, Jets ($85 million). Two years, one opt-out, 121 snaps, earned $29 million.
  4. Kirk Cousins, Minnesota ($84 million). Good NFL starting quarterback.
  5. Byron Jones, Miami ($82.5 million). Per Pro Football Focus, allowed a passer rating of 117.0 in 2020, second-worst among corners who played 500 snaps or more.
  6. Trumaine Johnson, Jets ($72.5 million). Benched for good in second Jet season. Cut after the year. One of the worst free-agent signings in history.
  7. Robert Quinn, Chicago ($70 million). Two sacks in 15 games in first Bear season, 2020.

I know—most of these players won’t be around to earn the full contract, except for Cousins. But it gives you an idea of how bad an idea it is to jump into the market and overpay stars who are not stars.


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