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Cimini "Sam Darnold market is shrinking as New York Jets mull QB decision"

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3 hours ago, Coffee Is Great said:

Do the same thing we did with Bridgewater a few years back. Hang on to Sam through the summer, inevitably some team will suffer a season-ending injury at QB and be desperate. 

but im wondering about Sams extension. 

by May 3 we have to decide if he gets a 5th year at 25 mil. how much would that count against our cap or does the new team pick it up after a trade in Aug. 

i dont know if JD will want that cap hit whatever amount it is considering the return for Sam would not be great.

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2 hours ago, Lot K Tailgaters said:

After today’s trade I would offer the #2 pick to Carolina for something similar to what Miami did with the 49ers.  Put some talent around Darnold in 2021.  If he’s still a bust the Jets would have three first round picks in the 2022 draft if needed to move up.  

If they played Darnold all year, we won’t need to move up, because we’d be drafting top 5 again.

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