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Zach Wilson arm strength

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2 hours ago, fullblast said:

Yeah, I think you just summarized the big hangup I have about Wilson. I just see him flaming out with this franchise and in this city.

I think he’s a legit talent but I could see his tenure here going south quickly if he doesn’t see immediate success.

Yeah the fans will be much happier with Darnold after his first 3 pick game.


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The kid is super talented in every part of the game that matters. We should be lucky to get him at 2. Will he put it all together at the NFL level? No way to know, but it will heavily d

Let him have a pro day at least  Tweets from his daddy aren't reliable 

if you don't see it on game film, pro days don't matter. i find it impossible that the jets need to see pro days to make their decision on the QB.

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5 hours ago, bitonti said:

He's winning games against cupcakes, with his friends, in an place that is designed for dudes just like him

Wilson, at his first Jets press conference, on what he thinks of New York: “I took the subway into Brooklyn and, let me tell ya, I won’t be doing that again!”

<Joe Douglas commits seppuku on the dais>

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