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IMHO - excld QB, our 5 biggest needs after 1st wave of Free Agent Signing...

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Agree with everything. If Mosley isn’t back and back at 100%, were left with a gaping hole. Again. 

I hate taking defense in the first round as the Jets have scarred us but we’ve been deprived of a very good corner and this is probably the time to address it. 

Cornerback and OL might be the best use of our two firsts. 

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Interior OL, CB & TE scare me at this point.

If Phillips comes back healthy we may be ok on the d-line.

I do want to see Poole re-signed.

RB is easy to fill in the draft or a low cost FA. I like what I've seen out out of Adams and Johnson in their limited sampling.

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CB - I like Bless and Hall but a #1 is needed.. as is a nickel CB

LB- Cashman is still penciled in as a starter and our FA signing, scheme misfit or not, didn’t see the field in Detroit.

OG - I’m more bullish on Clark than most but Lewis, GVR are jags. Need to devote a top 100 draft pick on the position and find a FA who can let us cut one of our current starters and free up $$$ 

OT and C we’re okay. Both Fant and McGovern should perform better in the new blocking schemes. I also don’t hate our RB or TE rooms. Call it the Gase effect.,interested to see more of Ty Johnson and Josh Adams. Herndon should have a bigger role in this offense and Griffin was coming off a torn ACL after playing well in 2019.... all that said, draft capital should be used to upgrade and invite competition 

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We need a number 1 outside corner. Hall and Austin can compete for the other spot. You can only really find those guys in the 1st round. Maybe Richard Sherman can be that guy on a 1 year deal. But this needs to be addressed early in the draft.

We also need a slot corner. There are still guys in FA that won’t be too expensive including our very own Poole.

TE - We need a move TE. We can sign a guy like Jordan Reed as a placeholder, but adding a guy like Brevin Jordan on day 2 would be ideal.

WR - We could use a Curtis Samuel type of player. Jeff Smith and Vyncent Smith could develop into that player but I’d like to add a guy in the draft. This draft is loaded with those type of players.

FB - Wesco can fill in but we should use a day 3 pick on a FB.

Edge - Another position that typically needs to be addressed early in the draft. We’re lucky to have gotten Lawson. Maybe trade for Derek Barnett.

Guard or Center (if we desire to move McGovern to Guard) - there are still starting caliber players in FA. Get one and add another in the draft.

RB - I’d like to add someone in the draft 

Still lots of work to do. I don’t think it all gets done. Edge or Corner likely fall short.

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2 hours ago, Sarge4Tide said:

Obviously, they have to decide what they want to do at QB and all the numerous options are still on the table....

But, excluding QB, these are currently our 5 biggest needs right now

  1. Cornerback - we have a lot of guys who can contrubute, maybe Bryce Hall can be a number 1 CB, but we need a top notch CB - could sign one of the remaining FA CBs or be a 1st or 2nd round draft priority
  2. Running Back - yes, you can always find a decent back.  Yes, Ty Johnson, Josh Adams, and L. Perine have potential, but Jets need a true #1 RB.  Another option in round 1 or 2
  3. Outside LB - adding Davis at MLB was good, but the cupboard is literally empty at OLB - expect 1 or 2 FA OLBs to be added in the 2nd wave of signings and at least 1 OLB drafted in the1st 3 rounds
  4. Guard (or T) - Feeney was a good signing, Alex Lewis might still be a viable options, and Cameron Clark might still develop. But, a star Offensive Lineman at either G or T is still a priority - maybe even as high as the #2 overall pick
  5. Defensive end - yes, Carl Lawson was a great addition. Yes Franklin-Myers might be a decent to good starter on the other side. But if we're gong to play 4-3,  we need another good yound DE

We could use another WR, maybe another TE, maybe a fullback,  and some solid depth elsewhere, as well

I feel like TE and OLB are bigger needs than people realize.  We've focused a lot on IOL, CB and WR.... but Chris Herndon (final contract year and didn't play well, Griffin is a JAG, etc.) is a really big need.  How haven't the Jets found a way to add a Hunter Henry, Everett, Jonnu Smith, etc. yet.  TE is a very precarious group for the Jets right now.  OLB is very important to Saleh.  I think he wants to Draft one which I'd love (hello Zaven Collins!) but with so many needs on this team I just fear we won't be opportunistic if someone like Collins drops to 34.

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1. QB

2. C (yes, draft a young stud early and move McGovern to G...improves two spots on the OL at once)

3. RT (Fant is a decent backup, nothing more)

4. Everything else

Build around whatever young QB you are going with.  Probably Wilson.  The first 3-4 picks should all be on offense.


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