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Quarantine Mafia - Game Thread (GAME OVER)


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I'm trying to decode what Nolder is hinting at. He's saying if he gets lynched, then those lynching him will be infected more aggressively? Am I getting that right? I don't want to read what he wrote twice. LOL

Could he be Fauci? Can it be that easy?


/m39 I don't know. It's Nolder... his thinking doesn't resemble earthly thinking. I'm mostly on the look out to see if someone defends him... ie a mason.

LOL! I was just ******* around having fun with the theme. Glad to see I was driving the scum team a little crazy early on.

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6 hours ago, Nolder said:

You know, I will say that in a way you were done in by my lazy play. If I had had something else to go on maybe I would have put you on the backburner while I pursued something else but because I hadn't been paying attention you were the only person I had any focus on so I more or less just stayed with that. So I'll take a little credit but not too much. GG though you didn't play bad at all.

Lazy = “ape is playing diffrunt”

You had a case. The town had process of elimination + teamwork. 



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