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Zach Wilson Pro Day

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Third time you’ve used this joke. It’s not landing.

Is this the official thread? I don’t see any asterisks, please advise 

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11 hours ago, BCJet said:

So you're judging the draft class today? 

Fans are delusional, if you get 3 starters per draft class that would be considered excellent, and im not counting the punter.  

We likely have an elite LT, starting WR in Mims, starting safety in Davis and starting CB in Hall.  Did I like the morgan pick, no but again - you arent going to draft pro-bowlers in every round in every draft.  

That's kind of what I'm thinking ...I don't remember last time we walked away with starters like his...I'm just saying things are looking up and that last draft is already easily considered a success...if mims developed to a 1 or other surprises....

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16 hours ago, Sonny Werblin said:

I'm just curious. Has any sports writer or Twitterer specifically stated that their info that the Jets will be selecting Wilson comes from a source within the Jets' Front Office or Scouting Department?

Uhhhh.. no need for Twitter. There’s at least 5-10 posters on here that have more sources than Adam Schefter. 

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57 minutes ago, fullblast said:

Does this throw look familiar?

Just having a little fun. 🙂

Darnold has done it (in a game), Lock and Wilson have shown it off too..... but I was the first.  It was 1994, a home game against the Bills and I was in the Meadowlands parking lot tailgating two hours before kickoff.  Holding a regulation Wilson NFL football I maneuvered to my right around a tailgate barbecue, then hustled to the left across the row at full speed chucking a football down the seam (must have gone 85 yards they said!!!) and caught by a yellow-jacked Meadowlands security guard.  No fewer than 40 onlookers cheered.  I grabbed a Miller Lite, basked in the glory of my now famous tailgate heave and then went into the stadium to watch the Jets lose.  Good times.


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Albert Breer article.  Notable tidbits. Nfl executives don't have an issue with Wilson's size.... He looked better [physically] than I thought he would. He’s over 6’2”, and he’s not a rail, he’s got a good lower body. And you can tell he’s gotten stronger since the season.”




And now to Wilson, whose workout was scripted for about 60 throws, but wound up around 70 after he asked Beck for a couple do-overs.

NFC exec 3 on Wilson: “He ended up being bigger than I thought he’d be, and that was the No. 1 thing people worried about. He was 215 pounds, his hands measured out, he was fine with all that stuff. On the field, he was really impressive. He’s an easier thrower than I realized, very smooth motion. Where some guys have a hitch or a windup, the ball jumps right off his hand.… He’s an easy thrower on the move, you can tell he’s a natural athlete. The arm strength is excellent, the accuracy was good. He got in a rhythm where he was really hot. He also missed a couple. Walking away, if you’re [Jets GM] Joe Douglas, you feel better about it, that, ‘Yup, this is the guy.’ From a pure physical standpoint, he’s all good. You have a little medical question, because there’s so much unknown this year with everyone, he had the [2019 surgery on his] shoulder. But I don’t think that’ll be a big deal.”

AFC exec 2 on Wilson: “It was really good, he’s super talented. He throws so easy, he has a really quick delivery, he can throw from all angles and zip it if he needs to. The arm strength—if there was any question I had, it might’ve been there, and he certainly answered it. There were some throws, on each sideline, you could tell where he didn’t really rip it on tape. I’m not as worried about that now.… Could it have been better? Sure, he missed a couple. But from a talent stand, it was really impressive.… [Seeing his stature] was good. He’s not a skinny-legged guy, he’s not frail, he’s put together. I’d heard the heaviest ever been before this was 205. He was 214 at pro day, and it looked good. And he has a bigger lower body than people thought.… From a tape standpoint, he wasn’t as good as [Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers] coming out. But that’s easy to say now. Some of the ability to throw from different angles, and with a release that quick is similar to those guys. Rodgers is probably more appropriate. Remember, people weren’t super [excited] with Rodgers’ arm either, which seems crazy now. So is he as talented as those guys, as an athlete? Maybe. Is he gonna be a great generational quarterback? I don’t know.”

AFC exec 3 on Wilson: “He threw it well. He missed a few, I think he was pretty pumped up going in, so that might’ve been it. He can really throw it. It’s easy for him. He can throw across his body, on the move, to his right, to his left.… You could tell he had some nerves early, but he was poised enough to get it together. If you’re comfortable with the guy and his leadership—and I think that’ll check out—he’s really good. A BYU kid going to New York, he’ll need a little work, of course.… He looked better [physically] than I thought he would. He’s over 6’2”, and he’s not a rail, he’s got a good lower body. And you can tell he’s gotten stronger since the season.”

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