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I’m far from the first to make this joke, but we will be referring to Wilson as Marcy D’Arcy until he proves himself

Dimples McTwink. 

The Salt Lake Slinger?

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1 hour ago, GreekJet said:

I’ve been drinking a ton of grappa tonight. Just was thinking about Fred McGriff and what a great nickname it was. 

We need to come up with something good for Zach Wilson!

please tell me you realize that mcgriff was nicknamed after the crime dog mcgruff.  what the f does mcgruff have to do with Zack Wilson?

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Relax fellas. The Mormon Missile doesn’t need a nickname. Everyone will know Winning Wilson when he walks in a woom. (Huh?)

In any case, I’m drinking IPAs in California tonight (first business trip in 7 months). No grappa for me. That’s why I refuse to submit a childish nickname for our Headband Hero. 

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3 hours ago, Integrity28 said:


Yeah, I believe he has been banned several times before. These threads are non stop, it is getting old. Strike that, it has passed old.

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Call him "C.P. ".  Short for "Consolation Prize" since the Jets foolishly blew their chance at getting the best QB in the draft by far.  And they did it to win two meaningless games for the pride of a horrible HC and QB that are long gone.  Only the Jets. 

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