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I moved to Colorado a few years back. All of your THC needs have been legal here for quite a while. 

I no longer smoke, but I occasionally dabble in the gummies for pain relief. Wana Gummies is the brand I use: 10 pack of 10 mg each gummy. If you're new to THC, I'd break one in half and see how you feel after taking it. Usually takes about 40 minutes or so to kick in.

I tweaked my back deadlifting a few months back, and was on the gummy train for a weekend. They're really nice for things like that. 

"It is so choice, if you have the means, I highly recommend it"

There are things for just pain relief in the CBD world and no high, but I can't speak to that. If I'm gonna go that route, I like a little buzz and one gummy does the trick nicely without overdoing it.

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CBD edibles were my main go to last Football season. Made the games so much  more tolerable. Chocolate and gummies were the best. But as noted before try a half piece to start that is moe than enough.  Enjoy

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Hempbombs.com have been the only one I've noticed any benefit 

Theres a coupons code 26deal or 26deals  that gives 26% off too

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