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17 game season coming, no extra bye.

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Paid millions and millions of dollars and kicking up a stink because they need to play another 60 minutes. Which isn’t 60 minutes for them individually. 

My heart bleeds for them. 

******* get on with it. 

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9 hours ago, joewilly12 said:

No extra charge for extra game being reported in another thread just started. 

It really isn’t an “extra game”. Either way we were paying for 10 games. This year we are home for only one pre season game so that is nice that we only have to pay full price for only one preseason game but next year will be the opposite. Still paying for 10 games but next year two of those games will be home pre season games. Anyone who has tickets knows you can’t even give away pre season tickets. It will flip from year to year. Every year we pay for 10 games. Some years only one of those games will be pre season and other years two games will be preseason. Honestly if the jets tried to charge us more I’m sure many would have complained. 

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