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55 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

We just throwing this into threads not even about Wilson now?

He was mentioned a few times. Mel ranked him lower then some fans think he should be because he’s tied to the Jets not because he hasn’t played against top colleges. 

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3 hours ago, NYJ1 said:

What a DUMB statement. Idzik and Macagnan weren't smart enough to wear shoes. They weren't even house trained. Mac was caught shtiting on the floor at Jets headquarters. 

What a douche.... I was joking.  Please put me on ignore.  You are amongst the most combative posters on this great site.  Assuming you didn’t agree with me, you call it dumb, never thinking it was sarcasm.  GFY.  

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15 hours ago, slats said:

We bow at the alter of Chris Simms this year. What does his top 25 look like? 

Who has been deadly accurate on the true rankings of QBs drafted over the past I think 5 years and his projections to perform.  No 1 year wonder.  Significant sample size.

Now this year he says his #1 QB coming out is Zack Wilson “and it’s not even close”.

If he is definitely Douglas’ pick I just hope Simms hot hand continues uninterrupted.

I couldn’t believe Simms record when I saw it.  So impressive that many teams would be way better off today if he were their GM over that time frame.


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