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We should trade up to 8 or even for 8 outright

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I have been thinking about this lately and instead of us trading down to 8 from 2 I think we should seriously consider instead move up to 8 or even trade for 8 outright.

My rationale for this is two fold:

1. I am hearing that Carolina is still fixated on getting Watson, but looks like maybe that trade happens next year.

2. Even if we slightly overpay for getting to 8 we could get almost historic value at that pick because of the way this draft is setting up.

Let's assume we take Wilson. (Let's also not debate that for the sake of this discussion)

Well we know Lawrrence goes 1 and it is looking likely that Jones goes 3. 

That means that Lance and Fields are both available at #4.

Let's assume that only the first 3 picks are QB.

Well, in that case 4 positional players go before us.

Key positional targets at 2 would be Pitts, Chase, Sewell with also premium playmakers in Waddle, Deontay and another elite tackle in Slater (who can play any OL position)

So even in the worst case scenario 2 of those names are there at 8. But Fields and Lance would still also be on board which means we could probably swap with Denver pick up an additional 3rd and still get on of the the elite positional players.

But that is probably unlikely. There is a good chance that Atlanta takes a QB, and a decent chance, especially if a QB is taken at 4 that someone trades up to get the remaining of the Top 5 QBs, Could even be at 5.

Now 2 additional elite positional players fall to 8 and only 2 of the lost are gone. The value of 8 would be so high at that point maybe even unprecedented. We would quite possibly get a Top 3 talent at 8 on the offensive side in addition to Wilson.

It seems so compelling to me.

We could offer say 23, Darnold, 66 and a 2nd next year for 8. Carolina gets to audition Sam for a year still picks in the first (at a spot they could trade down from and maybe even get another first next year) and has more ammunition for Watson next year.

We could also just go all out and try to get #8 outright. We could offer Darnold and 1st and 2nd next year and maybe 66 again. something like that.

It is a lot to pay but in the end we would be getting a Top 3 talent this year (OT or elite playmaker) and still have another first and 2nd left. Imagine leaving the draft with Wilson, Sewell, Vera Tucker and Etienne as an example, or Wilson Pitts Vera Tucker and a Top CB or linebacker.

It will be an odd draft with a real opportunity to completely overhaul our offense with elite talent.



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