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The end of the world poll

Suffering since 77

It's the end of the world poll   

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  1. 1. The Jets finally make it back to the superbowl....but the end of the world happens at kickoff. Do you die happy or pissed off ?

    • Happy : I can die happy because my beloved team made it back to the bowl, & that's good enough for me.
    • Pissed off : I invested so much time & energy in my beloved team, and now I can't even see how the game ends.

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37 minutes ago, Suffering since 77 said:

Do you mean the great fan ShawnAristotle ? I was actually honored to have him post in my first ever thread. It was like reading poetry...that gave me a headache.

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Don't think the Shawn I was referring to would be confused with Aristotle.  Looks like he may have gotten himself banned...

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Let me reword the question.... The football gods give up all pretense otherwise and start taking turns winding up and kicking you in the balls only this time they teamed up with the aliens we call gods to end the world for their punchline? Would you be happy that they simply made it or mad that you can't see the end?

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When talking about the Super Bowl, I always think about where I would watch the game, with who I would watch the game...

I don't think I would want to go, too much pomp and circumstance at the actual game

Do I want it to just be my family?

Bar with all Jet fans?

Bar in the town of the SuperBowl?

I'm pretty certain I won't be too much fun to be around, just be way too nervous.


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12 hours ago, freestater said:

If the end of the world comes, I'm out getting f-ed up, getting laid, going full on hedonistic roller coaster. Probably try some stuff I've avoided my whole life. Spend some time with some loved ones. Enjoy a sunset, that kinda thing. This atrocity in Gotham Green would be the furthest thing from my mind. Might be nice to spend the last moments before impact on short, easy par 4 with a good glass of scotch and a huge spliff. Maybe some Astronomy Domine in the background. 

Teseron Lot 53 Cognac.  Find the prettiest girl and say I guess you heard the world is coming to an end. Care for a drink? And this of course

Dawn of love sent within us colours of awakening among the many wont to follow
Only tunes of a different age
As the links span our endless caresses for the freedom of Life EVERLASTING

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On 3/31/2021 at 11:48 AM, fullblast said:

It’s been done



The most unrealistic part of that scene was slow-a$$ Hines Ward outrunning all available players for a kickoff return TD.  C'mon y'inz, you couldn't get Antwaan Randle El or Ike Taylor for that role?

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