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NY Jets Twitter Trolls Schefter

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Good job by the Jets. This is really beneath Schefter.

No matter what the Jets did here, it could have been spun into a story. They put Darnold on the promo, and it became a story. If they left Darnold off it, it would have been a story.

I always thought Schefter was better than this.

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10 hours ago, jeremy2020 said:

if that is trolling then what the hell has @T0mShane been doing on here? 

Venting mostly I think. Without this place I picture him becoming a serial murderer like me. He's obviously not a healthy adult, but what Jet fan is? We're the curators of our own destruction 

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10 hours ago, T0mShane said:

Boosting engagement numbers, being a thought leader and whatnot

The whatnot part is the Jets fan part.  I'm the head of the Trichotillomania Department, in case anyone is asking.

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